What You’ll Need


What You Will Need
Yoga Advice for First Timers

Welcome to Modo Yoga Waterloo. We’re so excited you found us! If you are new to hot yoga or yoga in general you will be able to find all the answers to your questions here on what you will need for your first class. We have a wonderful Intro Special where you can practice your heart out for 30 consecutive days straight for only $45+HST. This will allow you to see how fitting yoga into your full schedule makes your life and your body feel oh so much better. They say ” If you make time for yoga, yoga makes time for you.” So… what you will need is…



What You Will Need - Come Hydrated!

Arrive well hydrated

Drink water all day long, and not just a little bit but more than you typically would. Spending time in the hot room is fantastic for your health but not if you come dehydrated. Keep a big bottle by your desk and make a commitment to fill it up every couple of hours. Don’t forget, coffee and juice aren’t adequate substitutes to water. Once you get into a habit of drinking more water, your body will crave it and your skin will shine endlessly!


What You Will Need

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive to the studio at least 15 minutes before class begins, especially if you haven’t filled out our online waiver, which you can do by clicking here. Arriving early means you get to relax and meet a few new people before class starts. It also means getting you’ll be less nervous about being the ‘new’ person.


What You Will Need - Eat Lightly

Eat Lightly

Eating a giant steak dinner before class might not be the best way to start your yoga career. Be sure to not eat anything heavy, such as bread, pasta or anything that takes a long time to digest around 2 hours before class starts. If you arrive and you are famished, eat an apple with almonds, or something light enough so that you don’t pass out during class from hunger. Eating your neighbours yoga mat is typically frowned upon;)


What You Will Need - Bring a yoga mat

Bring a Yoga Mat

What you will need during any yoga class is a yoga mat. If you don’t own a yoga mat, we highly recommend renting one ($2/each) until you have made the decision about whether yoga is for you or not. Yoga mats often times are purchased from inexpensive stores like Walmart, and then they end up in landfills or in the back of someone’s closet. At Modo Yoga Waterloo, we definitely encourage purchasing a quality yoga mat such as Manduka (which we sell) or even Jade (which you can buy online). They last for ever and their environmental and social impact is worth the investment. Plus, if you ever decide yoga isn’t your thing anymore, you can resell them or gift them to somebody minus the bacteria and smell that accompany the inexpensive mats! Double-bonus.


What You Will Need - Bring 2 towels

2 Bath Towels are a Must

What you will need is 2 bath towels that are about the size of your mat or longer. Try to not use laundry sheets so that your towels do a better job at absorbing moisture. You’ll want one for your mat and the other to soak up the lake you may leave behind… just kidding. The second one can be for showering up afterwards. If you start to fall in love with your hot yoga practice, it might be a good idea to purchase a mat towel. We sell yoga mat towels by Guru Athletics for $50 or you can rent one for just $2. These mat towels are made with recycled pop bottles, help your hands and feet grip when you are super sweat and last FOREVER! They are definitely worth the investment.


What You Will Need - Wear Comfy Clothes

What to wear?

What you’ll need is something comfy to wear. Either athletic gear or just a plain old pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We usually recommend fabric that has some sort of stretch to it so that you aren’t splitting the seems in wide-legged forward fold. Although that would be funny, it wouldn’t actually be for you. If you forget your gear, we sell tons of athletic gear in our retail boutique. If you are a Freedom Member, you’ll also get 10% off!


What You Will Need - Water bottle

Bring a Water Bottle

Fill your water bottle up with room temperature water and bring’r into class. Drink at any time during class when you feel thirsty. Notice if you tend to chug it or resist drinking it. Tune into what your body is needing by moving slowly and tasting your water. Replenish with electrolytes during class by putting a lemon and a pinch of himalayan rock salt.