Mandy Cochrane

student | teacher

Mandy took her first Modo yoga class in 2010 and immediately felt the benefits of the practice. At the time she was struggling with Dysthymia ( a form of long term depression). The practice helped to unearth the physical, emotional and mental layers causing the disorder and started a transformation. Mandy was inspired to share this practice with others and decided to do the teacher training. In February 2013 she studied in L.A and received her 300 hour Modo Yoga certification; one year later she completed the 500 hour certification.

Mandy believes yoga can inspire students to dive under the superficial and discover the layers that construct their filter of the world. Her intention is to teach with kindness and compassion; to be an anchor for her students so they may find moments of reflection on and off the mat.

She has completed the Modo Flow training, Mindfulness Yoga with Frank Jude Boccio, Yin with Marla Erickson, Bio – Mechanics and Sequencing with Rod Stryker and multiple workshops with Sean Corne. Mandy continues her eagerness to bring yoga to others by traveling to studios across Canada.