Jenn Skerratt

student | teacher

Jenn will hold space for you to be exactly who you are. Her quiet wisdom is both innate and yet lovingly and tenaciously cultivated. As a yoga facilitator, she draws on her power of accepting what is as a means of moving forward. Jenn began her yoga practice with the courageous intention of listening to what her body actually had to say as a means of healing from trauma, and she works as a facilitator to gently guide others into strengthening the relationship they have with their own bodies; themselves.

Jenn is a Reiki Master, trained in two systems of Reiki: Gendai Reiki Ho, and Komyo Kai. Reiki is her spiritual practice, and value system. She is a trained Peace Making Circle Facilitator through Conrad Grebel University, a Psychodrama and Sociometry student, and is studying Mindfulness in Education through UofT. Jenn is a grade seven and eight Art and English teacher for the WRDSB, working to bring yoga, mindfulness, and wellness into the system of public education.

In addition to her devoted disposition of being with others, Jenn has a home art studio where she makes pottery and draws silly things in her spare time. In this way, she feeds her soul and honours her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from UW.

Her message to you is this: Love yourself to wellness. May you be at peace, may you experience joy, and may you feel loved.