Carrie M

student | teacher

Carrie attended her first yoga class while living in China in 2005. She turned to yoga in attempt to overcome adversities and to develop a more peaceful perspective in life. Years later, she stumbled upon a yoga center in Australia that inspired her to explore yogic philosophy further. She became mesmerized with the incredible healing power within the breath. After returning to Canada in 2008, she discovered Modo Waterloo and instantly felt at home.

As a self-proclaimed wanderer, dreamer, curious seeker and social activist, Carrie wishes to share her love for the external practice of yoga while focusing upon the deeper aspects of yoga as a way of life: to be rooted in one’s heart; demonstrated through a daily practice of kindness, gratitude, and compassion, for oneself and others. She trusts that a consistent practice can provide the ability to ground one’s self, to build confidence, and to cultivate inner strength to meet life’s challenges with a sense of calmness and courage.

Her passion for equality, accessibility, and a love for serving others within her community motivates and inspires her as a teacher and Social Worker. Carrie continues to strive to reach-out with yoga, sharing her knowledge to support others to also discover peace from within.