Freedom Membership Services

Freedom Members Details:
  • $107/month ($97 if purchased during intro month)
  • $87/month for students/55+ ($77 if purchased during intro month)
  • 4 month minimum contract, month-to-month afterwards
  • Early suspension fee (within first 4 mo.) – $30
  • Early cancellation fee (within first 4 mo.) – $200
  • 10% off workshops
  • 10% off retail items (excluding consigned items)
  • FREE suspension once per year for up to 2 months (after 4 month min. has been met)
  • Travelers’ pass to other Modo studios around the world!
    • The dates for which this pass is valid cannot not exceed 14 days.
    • A Traveller’s Pass can be issued to an individual student no more than 5 times per year.
    • There must be a minimum of 30 days between use of a Traveller’s Pass at any one studio, therefore, the pass cannot be issued for consecutive dates at a single studio
Thank you for all of your sweat and for being apart of the Modo Yoga Waterloo community. Below are some links you may find helpful in maintaining your membership with us. Should you have any questions please connect with us at 
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